Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest – 10 Days to Go!

Hello everyone! Today’s selection is a series of stories from Horror master Junji Ito entitled Tomie.

Tomie follows different characters and their interactions with a girl who seems normal at first but is definitely not someone you would want to meet. She has the ability to drive men to such extreme levels of desire that they will hurt others or even her. Not that it matters much to her since Tomie always has a very eerie way of putting herself back together for another story.

Probably one of Ito’s less flashy entries but not one to miss!

Today’s movie recommendation is The Monster Squad!

Ready for some fun? Ready to stop the universal monster crew from destroying everything? Well these kids definitely are!

Monster Squad follows a group of kids who love horror movies, hanging out in one of the coolest tree houses I’ve ever seen, and maybe fighting monsters on the side.

Dracula has returned and is resurrecting all the monsters to help him rule the world. But not if this squad has anything
to say about it! It’s good lighthearted fun but with a cool classic 80’s horror vibe. Frankenstein is particularly great in the film as well.

And of course, you can’t have a halloween mix without including the Monster Squad Rap Song. Definitely worth a watch. Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

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