Jeffery Johnson

When I was 11 years old my stepfather gifted me with his comic book collection, a large green trunk full of 4 color comics from the 70’s and up.  It was the best summer of my young life.  Iron man, Moon Knight, Hulk, and Doctor Strange became my very best friends, but Spider-man — Spider-man became my hero.  Very little has changed in that respect, Peter Parker is still my role model.  I’m a fan of Kerouc and Star Wars, Saga and Sandman.  I love Lucifer, Heroclix, Tom Robbins, Game of Thrones, and all things Rock n’ Roll.

Working at Fanfare has been one of the best experiences of my adult life.  I’m surrounded by the things I love; art and story, game and song.  My boss, Tom Fleming, is AMAZING and my co-workers are more than just my team, they’re my Fanfare Family.