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New Games: Friday, April 26th, 2019

Tiny Towns







Who will build the best Tiny Town?

2 to 6 players compete to build the most amazing Town. Each turn the “Master Builder” determines which resource will be produced, and all the players gain one unit of that resource. Players can decide to use their resources to construct buildings according to the construction cards in play. Choose carefully! Where you build, and what you build will determine how dense your Town will be and how many points it will score! At the end of the turn, a new player becomes Master Builder. Play continues until every player’s Town is at max density, and then each Town is scored to determine the winner.

Tiny Towns is a competitive game about building a well-designed township from a shared pool of resources. It uses an innovative mechanism of resource selection where each player receives the same resources in the same order. This is a fast-playing game of low rules complexity but substantial strategic depth.

Murder on the Cosmic Express









You are the Captain aboard the Interplanetary Cosmic Express Cruise Line when it is discovered that the President of the Cosmic Express Lines has been murdered. The Captain must examine the evidence, interrogate the prime suspects, and figure out who the Murderer is!

Murder on the Cosmic Express is a social deduction game that takes less than 5 minutes to play.

Pokemon TCG: Let’s Play Eevee & Let’s Play Pikachu Theme Decks







These decks contain more Pokemon and fewer Trainers with simpler cards for an experience aimed at a younger audience.

Each package contains a 60-card deck, a metallic coin, a deck box, damage counters, a 2-player playmat and rule sheet, and a PTCGO code card to play the deck online.

Star Trek Adventures RPG: The Operation Division









Players can expect new choices for their security officers and engineers, as well as detailed background information on the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Starfleet Intelligence, and even the elusive Section 31. The supplemental rulebook also expands the equipment available to Starfleet personnel, with new rules on their inclusion in the game. The Gamemaster also has their choice of new resources for running operations-focused missions, and a new selection of named NPCs, and engineering and security archetypes including Luther Sloan, Leah Brahms, and MACO soldiers. Miniatures fans will be in for a treat, with the Red Alert rules for miniatures combat using a streamlined version of the 2d20 system, developed by prolific wargame designer Mark Latham and Sam Webb, line developer for Star Trek Adventures.

5th Edition Adventure: C6 – Ends Meet








Ends Meet is a town of small intrigues in a forgotten corner of a wide world, but one whose very presence at the end of the road draws all manner of creatures, both good and evil. And when the casket of a child is unearthed by a violent storm, it triggers a series of events the town’s inhabitants will talk about for years to come.

This module includes an adventure that pits the characters against evil forces that have long lingered in the wood, a history of the town, a map of Ends Meet and its environs, details on all the town’s major inhabitants, and a map of an abandoned crypt. It also contains a 3-D rendering of the famed Cockleburr Inn and Tavern. The module includes a complete scenario as well as a host of adventure hooks.

Ends Meet is an adventure for 3-5 characters of around 5-8 level.

Torg Eternity RPG: Living Land Booster Deck







The Living Land Booster Deck which is a TORG Eternity Drama Deck and adds specialized cards for the Living Land. A re-themed 40 card Drama Deck features unique special effects each round, all of them designed to accentuate the savagery and wonder of the realm. Ten new COSM cards increase the variety of effects, adding surprise and mystery. Finally, five new cards are added to the Drama Deck, bringing back some old favorites and adding completely new options to the mix.

Galaxy Series Playmats & War of the Spark Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Playmats & Pro-Binder







Other moons of our solar system arriving include: Luna, Phobos & Deimos, Ganymede, Callisto, & Rhea.







In addition to those items pictured above there are 2 more Deck Protector designs, 2 more Deck Box designs and 6 more Playmat designs.

New Games: Thursday, April 25th, 2019








In the remote depths of the jungle lie the Cerulean Pools. For most of the year, the pools are tranquil and unassuming. But on the warmest nights of the year, the otherwise quiet waters are filled with shimmering lights as the dormant noctiluca awaken. As the most skilled divers in the land, you and your friends seek to retrieve these glowing creatures from the pools. Before diving into the water, you must strategically plan your path to collect the noctiluca you need.

When the noctiluca surface, the pools are filled with a rainbow glow. Only the most skilled divers can navigate the waters to collect them. Living in harmony with each other in carefully-tended jars, the colorful noctiluca can cure numerous ailments with merely their glowing presence and are desired by healers across the land. You must choose your path through the water strategically to carefully collect the right noctiluca to fill different jar arrangements to accommodate the needs of healers, who will gratefully reward your efforts.

Contents: 1 Double-Sided Game Board, 105 Dice, 30 Points Tokens, 30 Jar Cards, 4 Favorite Cards, 12 Pawns, 1 First Player Marker, 1 Rulebook

Space Gate Odyssey







The future of humanity awaits you in Space Gate Odyssey. A system of viable exoplanets has been recently discovered and the Confederations are flocking into space to colonize it. In this 2 to 4-player development and flow-management board game, you play the leader of one of these Confederations and play your influence in the Odyssey command station to send as many of your settlers as you can on these exoplanets.

After decades of research and technological development, humanity is preparing to leave the Earth to colonize this discovered system. To get there, only one possible means of transport exists: space gates. For reasons related to physics and other quantum aspects, these gates can be built only in space. The Confederations have therefore embarked on the construction of their own station in orbit, equipped with space gates.

At the beginning of the colonizing era, these portals make it possible to go on one of the first three discovered planets. As soon as an entire contingent of settlers has joined the gate of a space station, it is teleported to the corresponding exoplanet. The landing conditions vary according to the planets and the choice of colonized spots quickly becomes strategic.

As soon as one of the three exoplanets is fully colonized, each Confederation gains influence according to its placement, then access to one of the two later discovered exoplanets becomes possible. At the end of the colonization of the five exoplanets, the stations are teleported to the Hawking planet and the influence of each Confederation is assessed. The leader of the most influential Confederation will be promoted to the rank of Governor of this new system.

One of the biggest challenges in Space Gate Odyssey is your ability to quickly develop and intelligently arrange your space station. The better you optimize the flow of your settlers to your station, then to the exoplanets, the more of them you can send to the favorable spots and thus gain influence.

The choice of the modules, their arrangement, and the distance between the airlocks and the gates are therefore essential elements — especially since, at the end of the game, the domains of the modules you used to build your station will bring you additional influence points if they are in line with the position of the domains on the Hawking planet Predominance.

Finally, you must be careful not to leave too many open corridors on the space void as this represents a real danger for your settlers and could therefore damage your reputation.

Your most amazing quest starts with Space Gate Odyssey. Will you be able to take over your opponents in order to take control of the new system, or will you stay at the dock?

Ashes: The Grave King









From the disease-ravaged city of Marrowden, comes the stench of death, and the staggering shapes of fallen warriors. James Endersight would lay claim to the ultimate prize, and there is no price too foul for him to pay. This talented sociopath wields his power, stripping the living of their flesh, and raising their bones to do his bidding.

Set Contents:

  • James Endersight x 1
  • Vengeance x 3
  • Summon Fallen x 3
  • Chant of Sacrifice x 3
  • Law of Repentance x 3
  • Rising Horde x 3
  • Immortal Commander x 3
  • Reaping Angel x 3
  • Grave Knight x 3
  • Rally the Troops x 3
  • Reclaim Soul x 3
  • Fallen x 7

Ashes: The Protector of Argaia










High atop the tree-city of Birdsnest, Fiona Mercywind schemes to end the war that has disturbed the natural balance of her homeland. She avoids conflict as much as possible, but when interlopers invade the vast realm she has sworn to protect, they leave with less of themselves than expected.

Set Contents:

  • Fiona Mercywind x 1
  • Mind Maze x 3
  • Confusion Spores x 3
  • Summon Majestic Titan x 3
  • Summon Nightsong Cricket x 3
  • Summon Mind Fog Owl x 3
  • Cognitive Dissonance x 3
  • Essence Druid x 3
  • Exhortation x 3
  • New Ideas x 3
  • Seeds of Aggression x 3
  • Majestic Titan x 1
  • Nightsong Cricket x 4
  • Mind Fog Owl x 2

A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition: City of Secrets Chapter Pack











City of Secrets is the second Chapter Pack in the King’s Landing cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game.

The King’s Landing cycle takes a new approach to the Game of Thrones LCG. Rather than following the plot of A Song of Ice and Fire, this cycle is centered around the capital of the seven kingdoms, allowing you to explore the world of Westeros more freely than ever before. Every Chapter Pack in this cycle features three copies each of twenty unique cards to strengthen your decks and help you embrace the deadly intrigues of A Song of Ice and Fire with the continued cultivation of the shadow keyword, first reintroduced in the Dance of Shadows cycle.

Your journey to the capital of the seven kingdoms continues as you explore the twisting alleys of the City of Secrets. Shadows haunt the streets, closing in from the North, the East, and the South, and dark prophecies speak or terrors just on the horizon. Perhaps the time of great Houses and powers is passed, and those who do not fight for a king or queen find a new agenda that can allow them to join the brotherhood without banners in the hollow hill.

Legend of the Five Rings LCG: masters of the Court – Crane Clan Pack









Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present Masters of the Court, a Crane Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Masters of the Court contains 78 new cards (three copies of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards), many of which provide new tools to the Crane Clan!

Masters of the Court celebrates all that makes the Crane great. Look for a Stronghold that brings dueling to the forefront, events that surpress your opponent’s options, and courtiers dominating the courts of Rokugan!

Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales







Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales is the second big expansion for Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. Unlike its predecessor, it not only includes a campaign (titled “The Lost City of Z”) in which you follow great explorer Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett, but also a full set of rules and components that can be played with the base game of Robinson Crusoe, along with two standalone scenarios.

Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales introduces ten new characters, the new deck of event cards, three new decks of adventure cards, new beast cards, new mystery cards, and the new mechanism of sanity that you can use in the base game of Robinson Crusoe to change it into a game of dreadful stories! Additionally, the expansion includes five missions that form a long and epic campaign: “The Lost City of Z”.

Star Wars Destiny: Allies of Necessity Draft Set











Desperate times call for desperate measures in the Allies of Necessity Draft Pack for Star Wars™: Destiny!

Allies of Necessity features 20 new cards that can be used to supplement your pool of cards in a draft or sealed event, and provide new options in constructed deck building!

Like Rivals before it, players just need a copy of Allies of Necessity and six Star Wars: Destiny booster packs to participate in their every own draft or sealed event! What’s more, the cards in your Allies of Necessity Draft Set are completely reusable—no matter how many drafts you play, you’ll only ever need to buy a single copy of Allies of Necessity to enable your draft games of Star Wars: Destiny!

Star Wars Legion: TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank







For the Galactic Empire, conquering a planet is only the beginning of the battle. Massive vehicles like AT-STs and elite shock troops like Imperial Death Troopers may be effective at sweeping across battlefields and capturing new territory, but they rarely stick around to hold this ground. A TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank, however, is more than enough to quell any resistance to Imperial occupation.

Heavily armed and capable of carrying either cargo or personnel, one of these tanks can be a versatile asset to stormtrooper detachments on occupation duty. With the TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank Unit Expansion, your Imperial armies gain a single finely sculpted, menacing TX-225 miniature that can work in tandem with your ground troops to impose the Empire’s will wherever it’s assigned. In addition to this beautiful miniature, this expansion also contains all the unit cards, upgrade cards, and tokens that you’ll need to add one to your armies and outfit it for battle.

  • Occupy Imperial territory with the monstrous TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank miniature featured in this expansion! This miniature offers a wide array of customization options—with hatches that can be built open or closed, different poses for the tank commander, three crates of kyber crystals that can be loaded into the tank bed or used as terrain, and two options for a mounted gun: a DLT-19 blaster rifle or a RT-97c Blaster Rifle.

Star Wars Legion: X-34 Landspeeder







Unable to match the Empire’s production of military equipment, the Rebel Alliance makes do with whatever they have on hand—which often means converting civilian vehicles into weapons of war. In addition to being outfitted with stolen weaponry to support Rebel soldiers in combat, the nondescript appearance of these vehicles is often useful in avoiding capture. With an X-34 Landspeeder in your arsenal, you’ll be able to adapt one of the Star Wars saga’s most iconic speeders to fit your needs on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War.

Already a speedy craft thanks to its powerful repulsor engine, an X-34 Landspeeder becomes a threat to even the toughest Imperial opponents when driven by an experienced pilot and equipped with an assortment of weapons. The X-34 Landspeeder Unit Expansion adds one X-34 landspeeder miniature—complete with two unique weapon options—to your Rebel armies. Along with the beautifully sculpted, finely detailed miniature, you’ll also find a unit card and all the tokens you need to get your X-34 up and running in this expansion, as well as a range of upgrade cards to customize it to your specific battle plans.

  • Race into battle with the single highly detailed X-34 Landspeeder miniature included in this expanison pack! You can customize both the weapons and the crew on this landspeeder miniature, swapping in an M-45 ion blaster or a Mark II medium blaster, and bringing in crew armed with rifles or rocket launchers.

New Games: Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Starfinder RPG: Beginner Box







Explore the Galaxy!

Launch into an exciting universe of science fantasy adventure with the Starfinder Beginner Box! Create and customize your own futuristic hero to play through challenging adventures and action-packed battles against dangerous foes! With streamlined rules, this deluxe boxed set is the ideal introduction to the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, an imaginative tabletop roleplaying game for 2-7 players. Welcome to the best launchpad for a lifetime of pulse-pounding adventure among the stars—the only limit is your imagination!

The Starfinder Beginner Box has everything you need to get started:

  • A 96-page Heroes’ Handbook, detailing character creation and general rules for playing the game, plus a short solo adventure
  • A 96-page Game Master’s Guide containing an adventure, alien adversaries, and advice on how to create your own science fantasy tales
  • A complete set of seven polyhedral dice
  • More than 80 full-color pawns depicting diverse heroes and aliens
  • 24 plastic pawn bases
  • Six pregenerated character sheets to throw you right into the action
  • Six blank character sheets to record the abilities of your custom-made hero
  • Six player aid cards for quick rules references
  • A durable, reusable, double-sided Flip-Mat play surface that works with any kind of marker

Starfinder RPG: Dawn of Flame Adventure Path Part 3 – Sun Divers








Into the Fire!

With data recovered during the previous adventure, the heroes have proof of a deep-culture site in the sun and the coordinates to travel there. What they lack is the technology to dive into the star. Luckily, a member of the Corona Artifact Divers, daredevils who delve into the sun’s atmosphere for thrills and profit, has just what the heroes need. However, this genius inventor is in debt to “business people” who have claimed the sun-diving starship to recoup their investments. The characters must venture to the bubble of Verdeon, confront those holding the vessel, and pilot it into the sun. Upon doing so, the heroes find a truly bizarre bubble-city and the key to further solar adventure!

This volume of Starfinder Adventure Path continues the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path and includes:

  • “Sun Divers,” a Starfinder adventure for 5th-level characters, by Joe Pasini.
  • A survey of Noma, a bubble-city of artificial intelligence within the sun, by Joe Pasini.
  • A look at a handful of nefarious criminal organizations operating across the galaxy and equipment of use to those who engage in questionable activities, by Lacy Pellazar.
  • An archive of creatures elemental and solar, as well as the unique artificial life of Noma, by Joe Pasini, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Linda Zayas-Palmer.
  • Statistics and deck plans for a starship that dives into the heart of a sun, by Joe Pasini, and details of a moon being terraformed by genies from the Plane of Earth, by Judy Bauer.

Pathfinder RPG: The Tyrant’s Grasp Adventure Path Part 3 – Last Watch








Disaster Looms Over Vigil

The heroes race to the crusaders in Vigil to warn them of the Whispering Tyrant’s devastating new weapon. Amid a city-wide celebration, Vigil’s leaders are disinclined to believe incredible tales from the frontier, so the heroes must uncover the conspirators who seek to engineer the city’s destruction. At the center of these schemes is a gang of thieves whose long-ago heist has finally brought old enemies to light. Will the heroes assemble the clues in time to warn others of the doom that hangs over Vigil?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Tyrant’s Grasp Adventure Path and includes:

  • “Last Watch,” a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 8th-level characters, by Larry Wilhelm.
  • An examination of the life-hating threats that dwell in the void of the Negative Energy Plane, by Patchen Mortimer.
  • The secrets of the Seal-Breakers, a sect that strives to set the Whispering Tyrant free and break other seals that preserve reality, by Greg A. Vaughan.
  • A collection of relics—magic items that grow in power the more they are used in pursuit of a cause—from the glorious days of the Shining Crusade, by Alexander Augunas.
  • A bestiary of fearsome monsters, including a bestial humanoid tainted by undeath, an ersatz angel, swarms of noxious dragons, a flying beast from the Negative Energy plane, a reclusive plant-shepherd, and hordes of undead, by Mike Headley, Isabelle Lee, Meagan Maricle, Kendra Lee Speedling, and Larry Wilhelm.

Pathfinder RPG: Flip-Mat Classics – Deep Forest








Forests Primeval

Whether a party is exploring an ancient forest or hunting beasts in the woods, no Game Master wants to spend time drawing every tree and trail that the party might come across. With Flip-Mat Classics: Deep Forest, you don’t have to! Whether you need to detail an ambush or a deadly hunting ground, this double-sided mat paints the perfect setting!

The most-popular Pathfinder Flip-Mats in history return! These fan-favorite maps feature versatile adventure settings—city streets, forests, ships, taverns, and more—and now they’re back for a repeat performance. Durable and lavishly detailed, these essential adventure set pieces are sure to bring excitement to your game table for years to come!

A special coating on each Flip-Mat allows you to use wet erase, dry erase, AND permanent markers with ease! Removing permanent ink is easy—simply trace over any permanent mark with a dry erase marker, wait 10 seconds, then wipe off both marks with a dry cloth or paper towel. Each Flip-Mat measures 24″ x 30″ unfolded, and 8″ x 10″ folded.

Song of the Suns – First Session Introductions

Hi. This is Josh Hall, Games Manager, known to one as Josh the Taller (and now perhaps known to more). I’ve been completely obsessed with the Invisible Sun RPG from Monte Cook Games since I first laid eyes on the Kickstarter video two years ago. I’ve finally managed to put together a group that includes both veterans roleplayers and some who have never really roleplayed before. I will blog here periodically with updates about hos the campaign is going (spoiler free for my players). If you have any questions about what you read here, feel free to ask me at Fanfare sometime.

We have done our “First Session”, in which the players all introduce their characters and everyone else collectively creates the neighborhood for them (basically, you can choose your house but you don’t get to choose your neighbors). Here are summaries of our Primary Dramatis Personae and their neighborhoods.

Blue, an Eremitic Ardent Weaver who Walks the Path of Suns.

Blue yearns to see another sun, probably pulling her away from her hermetic lifestyle. She shares a love of books with Simon, particularly about Satyrine, which allows them to use the Silent Streets secret as long as they can see each other.

Blue lives inside a tree in a large city park near the Gate to the Hollows. It has windows and doors which look much smaller than a person could use but when entering sizes become relative. To the average passerby these doors and windows look more like they were added to make the tree look like a fairy’s home, so most just ignore it or find it quaint. Inside, the rooms are very organic in design with much of the furniture growing out of the walls, floors and ceilings.

Blue’s house is lived in (on the outside) by a trio of sentient squirrels. These three (Trevor, Slim and Mollineaux) are well meaning but easily disoriented and, frankly, a bit dim. They are constantly trying to get into the tree (it’s their home, after all) but don’t remember how. They can be sent on tasks, which they pursue eagerly (though usually fruitlessly). When lost they can usually persuade children to bring them home.

Not too far away is Trumbolt’s, a newsstand & bodega run by its namesake, an elderly and blind Eldebrin. Though blind, his senses are otherwise heightened by some means so that it is nearly impossible to take advantage of his condition. He likes to change his shape to mirror his patrons. However, the only thing he can’t seem to do is accurately change shape into what he wants, though he thinks he has done a good job. His regular patrons allow him to think he’s nailed it. Trumbolt sells all of the daily news rags, some magazines and assorted sundries. Special customers can ask for “specialty items”, Ephemera Objects, of which he always has a few (but they change each day).

There is often an elderly man named Leonard in a golfer’s cap set up with a table on which he is selling ten to twenty books. He keeps an umbrella handy for inclement weather which is capable of keeping all of his books and patrons dry.

In the center of the park is The Standing Statue. Both who (what) the statue honors and how it is captioned morphs during the night so that at each dawn it is new. No one has managed to find a pattern to the selections other than they all seem to have some connection to The War.

It is not uncommon for the park to be used for black market trading, making it unsafe at night.

There is a coven that meets in the park fortnightly. They seem to be more of a social club than actually up to something but do try to maintain an air of mystery.

Boodish, an Itinerant Empath of the Order Goetica who Provides a Vessel for Spirits.

Boodish does not remember her family since returning from Shadow and is now trying to find out about them. She is known to be a friend to nature spirits. She shares a Mystical Bond with Zeph.

She camps in the the shrubs behind a large tree in the far reaches of the backyard of a garden gnome who lives in a Smurf sized mushroom. The tree bears a different fruit each day, most of which are sustaining.

The gnome, Mr. Bumblecap, is a minor love cherub and about the crankiest gnome ever, partially because local youth pin love notes to one another on his favorite tree (he can frequently be seen pacing the yard trying to keep kids off his lawn). Mr. Bumblecap is unaware of Boodish because she is camped out deep enough on his land that he doesn’t get out there for years at a time.

Mr. Bumblecap’s land backs up to the Bleed. While this is potentially hazardous, this particular section of the Bleed occasionally spews forth items which have been lost (sometimes for a very long time and sometimes it’s just left socks).

Nearby there lives an herbalist named Helen Thieroux. She knows that Boodish is living in Mr. Bumblecap’s backyard but, being only tolerant of the churlish gnome, she’s keeping it secret for now. Her yard is a wild space full of plants from which she harvests her herbs. Occasionally, she will foray into Mr. Bumblecap’s yard for some of the herbs growing there naturally. This is how she came across Boodish. Helen is a non who has learned a few cantrips to help her raise her herbs and identify almost any plant she examines (and often a property or two).

Helen has a shop a couple blocks over called The Dried Root. It is only open Tuesday through Thursday from Noon to 4pm or by appointment.

The central square of the neighborhood serves as the grounds of a Farmer’s Market (of a sort), daily from 7am until Noon. Helen usually occupies one of the 117 stalls, none of which are ever empty. Most are selling some weird and magical food, usually freshly harvested, but some stalls will serve pies, breads, pasties and such.

Recently, herbal shops in the area have been the victims of poisonings (of their plants). This has led to a reduction in the amount of herbalists setting up shop at the Market. So far Helen has not been a victim, causing some whispered accusations, though nothing formal has been brought yet.

Larence Pannek, an Iconoclast Ardent Apostate who Converses with Everything.

Larry does not remember his father beyond the age of five and has decided to find out what happened to him. He has a mutually sarcastic friendly banter with the bookseller Leonard in Blue’s neighborhood. He has an Unrequited Bond with Zeph.

Larry’s house is a large A-Frame, unremarkable except for its lacking any doors or windows. To get in Larry walks around the house until he is suddenly inside, which is sparsely furnished as the house desires. To leave he similarly paces around until outside.

The neighbor to the left is Marigold Smythe. A petite late-middle aged woman, she has a small cottage with a white picket fence and a beautiful English garden. She loves to feed birds and will offer to feed Larry if he is outside for more than a couple laps. She always wears an elegant floral pattern dress, elbow length white gloves and knee length white tights with practical shoes.

Ted Burkowski (most just call him Burk) lives on the other side. He is a butcher and owns the local deli Fartown Fresh Meats. He is a Weaver who spent his time in Shadow on Long Island and he still has the accent. When home he tends to sit on his porch in a grubby t-shirt with a beer in hand and watch the neighborhood, often taunting Larry if he’s been stuck outside for too long.

Across the way is the counterpoint house to Larry’s, it is all windows and doors (though there are plenty of curtains for privacy. This is occupied by the Schulta family, father, mother and 24 daughters ranging in age from 4 to 24 (and at least one of them fancies Larry).

Burks’ Deli, obviously run by Ted Burkowski, is one of the best and most varied delis in all of Satyrine. Any given day there is a new menu as Burk has gotten a limited supply of some new delicacy or other. Reasonably price, Burk’s is always hopping, despite allegations of black marked meats.

Larry’s neighborhood is home to the Zoo of the Nearly Mundane. Home to such animals as a tiger with horizontal stripes, an elephant with a single tusk and two trunks and the infamous land shark, this attraction is a favorite of the children of Satyrine. The zoo is run by a Zilat Finder, Hassentile. It is known that the zoo uses the Bleed as a way to discard waste (some of which ends up in Boodish’s backyard but is quickly put to use by her herbalist neighbor). Lately some animals have come up missing (even foiling Hassentile’s abilities) causing rumors about new meat selections at the deli to feel a bit convenient. Nothing has been substantiated.

Simon Singer, an Established Stoic Vance who Listens to Whispers.

Simon is trying to find out what happened to his parents and twin brother. He has a burgeoning friendship with Wystrin and is reconnecting with his “crazy Aunt” Fenny, Phenimist Singer. He shares a love of books with Blue, particularly about Satyrine, which allows them to use the Silent Streets secret as long as they can see each other.

Simon’s house is a two-story square brick building with a cupola on top. It is surrounded by a brick wall within which is a yard filled with flowering plants. These all bloom the same color and that color changes every few sunrises. Simon’s house has several ghosts haunting it, not all human but none hostile.

Next door lives Versifer, a door to door vacuum salesman. His vacuums don’t clean dirt, however, but instead clean memories. Used judiciously they can remove selected memories but have the potential to do great harm. While these devices can be reversed, unless the bin is cleaned regularly, this can result in quite a jumble (potentially including others’ memories). Versiver’s yard is lined with crab apple trees which are usually overgrown due to his largely absent lifestyle. It is common for apples to drop in Simon’s yard.

Simon’s other neighbor is actually a small garden park, overseen by a self-aware Garden Roomba named Rooga. It does a decent job of keeping the park well groomed but often wanders into Simon’s yard and gets stuck. It has a mild fear of Versifer, suspecting that he want’s to take Rooga apart to see how he works.

Across the way is Aygee, a Journeyman Vance. Aygee looks up to Simon and is eager to please.

Situated at the top of a T junction, the house overlooks the only road into the neighborhood, a 3 block square within walking distance of the Vancian Campus. This gives Simon a good vantage point to watch Taxi’s pick up passengers at the entrance, enter and drive around the neighborhood, then drop the passengers back where they started. Why this is happening is a mystery.

The neighborhood is home to many cats, too many cats. At dusk many of them congregate atop Simon’s walls, looking almost like feline crenelations. One of these cats shows across its body the Blue Sun rising and setting during the day, becoming black at night.

There is a neighborhood Homeowners Association led by Reginald Worthington III. They are busybodies, often trying to enforce daft rules and blaming Simon for the crab apples in his yard and the cats on his walls (neither of which is within his control).

Zephir Warwick Kenmore, an Established Gallant who Understands the Words.

Zeph is trying to write a novel set during The War. He shares a Mystical Bond with Boodish.

Zeph lives in a nondescript Tudor style house. It is well appointed with a large library. It’s tall shelves have a rolling ladder to assist with retrieval and one bank of shelves conceals a small room with a trap door on the floor. Zeph has never attempted to open this door.

Most of the rest of Zeph’s block is taken up by an antiques scrapyard/warehouse owned by a former Maker, now Apostate, who goes by The Magpie. They are tall and statuesque with the head of a magpie (product of one of the Changeries). If you need something you didn’t know you needed, they have it.

Recently, a circus/carnival has taken up residence in what was formerly a vacant space in an adjacent block. Followers of “The Favored Way”, the carnies are constantly proselytizing. Basically, the Favored Way looks at life from the perspective of games of chance, odds always favor the house so it is best to be a part of the house. When a person joins it is unknown where they go but they aren’t seen again. Their most popular confection is a cotton candy wrapped in loss and acceptance.

Nearby lives Aria North, a reporter for the Crepescule Notion. If she sees a known Vislae (like Zeph) she will bounce up to them and ask for “the scoop”. While she never expects to get much from this she is a fan of catchphrases and has chosen that as hers. It’s not uncommon for her to be leaving her house just as Zeph is walking by.

Not too far away is a natural hot springs named Squirrel Springs. Popular for having minor healing qualities, these springs are equally popular for having minor intoxicating and hallucinogenic qualities as well. Since the circus arrived, the springs have become overrun by carnies, much to the irritation of the neighborhood.

New Games: Friday, April 19th, 2019

Big Trouble in Little China: Legacy of Lo Pan







Hey, wait a minute! This isn’t how it was supposed to go! You’re a reasonable person, but you’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things. For you it’s always in the reflexes, but not this time. You lost against Lo Pan and his minions today… but that doesn’t mean you gotta like it! Lo Pan’s plan was successful, he sacrificed Miao Yin and ascended to his trueform. But have no fear, Egg has a magical artifact called the Tardisian Hourglass that can transport you and your friends through time to stop him once and for all!

The Legacy of Lo Pan expansion increases the player count to up to 6 players who can now embark on an Epic adventure in the core game as well as experience the all-new quest book! You and your pals will play through the new time travel story campaign as you race through time to get all new special rewards to use in the new final showdown to defeat Lo Pan… again.

Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition: Anarch Sourcebook








Welcome to a blood thriller on the streets of the modern nights. For centuries the Anarch Movement enjoyed an uneasy truce with the Camarilla, but no longer. Now, the Unbound refuse to bow to the sickening hypocrisy and tyranny of their former allies. Claiming the nighttime streets as their own, the Anarchs seek independence from the despotic Elders, by any means necessary. Only the toughest and smartest of self-made vampires will survive. Featuring all-new essays on nocturnal survival and politics from Juhana Pettersson.

Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition: Camarilla Sourcebook








The global blood opera of the Camarilla story continues. As the eldest vampires begin to vanish, the Ivory Tower starts to crack under the weight of its own decay. Once it was the mightiest faction of vampires in the world, a stronghold of immortality. Now it retreats into a maze of neo-feudal conspiracies to protect itself against the deadly threat of the Second Inquisition, struggling to enforce the Masquerade in the face of modern technology. Featuring insights and perspectives on unlife in the Camarilla from Mark Rein-Hagen and Matthew Dawkins.

Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition: Slipcase Set







Vampire: The Masquerade is the original and ultimate roleplaying game of personal and political horror. You are a vampire, struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity—afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the inhuman conspiracies that surround you.

As a vampire you suffer the pangs of the Hunger, the relentless and terrible thirst for human blood. If you refuse to deal with it, it will overcome your mind and drive you to terrible acts to slake it. You walk this razor’s edge every night.

Dark designs, bitter enemies, and strange allies await you in this World of Darkness.

This special Slip Case set features a copy of the core book, plus the Camarilla and Anarch supplements collected in a special slip case cover.

New Games: Thursday, April 18th, 2019









Charged with building a new fleet of airships to traverse the Oniverse, you must draft the best blueprints, acquire materials, and recruit a crew to build the most wondrous fleet ever seen.

The Archonts have given you a weighty charge: to build a new fleet, more beautiful than any that has ever sailed the skies. As a master air-shipwright, you have the skills to build a fleet to traverse the skies of the Oniverse, but you must proceed carefully to gather the components you need. In Aerion, one to two players work together to build six airships. Draft the best blueprints, acquire the finest construction materials, and recruit the most skilled crew. Can you build the fleet before your resources run out?

Six included expansions will alter your journey through the skies and offer new challenges to complete. Each expansion adds new cards and gameplay that can be played independently or freely combined. Use new abilities from the Factory cards to complete your most critical task in the Flagship expansion. Race against time with the Hourglasses. Or destroy Outposts and Lairs to defeat the marauding Hellkite.








There is something odd about the Kiwetin forest: Its spirits have entered into a thrilling race. With the help of the wind, you will have to find your way from one branch to another and catch the sacred flower first. The forest will play tricks on you, though, which could be a help or a hindrance.

Kiwetin is a simple and addictive fast-paced board game. You play as one of these spirits, and your character’s caliber affects the way you move on the board. The randomly placed action tiles offer a unique experience during each game.

Beware of whirlwinds because you might turn everything upside down!

Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth







Embark on your own adventures in J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic world with The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, a fully cooperative, app-supported board game for one to five players! You’ll battle villainous foes, make courageous choices, and strike a blow against the evil that threatens the land—all as part of a thrilling campaign that leads you across the storied hills and dales of Middle-earth.

Each individual game of Journeys in Middle-earth is a single adventure in a larger campaign. You’ll explore the vast and dynamic landscapes of Middle-earth, using your skills to survive the challenges that you encounter on these perilous quests. As you and your fellow heroes explore the wilderness and battle the dark forces arrayed against you, the game’s companion app guides you to reveal the looming forests, quiet clearings, and ancient halls of Middle-earth, while also controlling the enemies you encounter. Whether you’re venturing into the wild on your own or with close companions by your side, you can write your own legend in the history of Middle-earth.

Star Wars RPG: Allies and Adversaries









The galaxy is in turmoil. No one can escape the Galactic Civil War, especially the troops and commanders who battle on innumerable worlds throughout the stars. Civilians struggle to survive through legitimate or illegal means, while the scale of combat threatens even the wildlife on many worlds. It is these individuals, from lowly droids to powerful Force users, who will decide the outcome of the war and the future of the galaxy.

This sourcebook collects the profiles for heroic Rebels, evil Imperials, and galactic scum and villainy drawn from all three Star Wars Roleplaying game lines, along with a host of brand-new individuals who have never before been profiled. This sourcebook is an essential collection of NPCs, whether you’re playing Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny. In all, over 130 NPCs are fully statted throughout the book for use in any Star Wars Roleplaying campaign!

Wherever you travel in your Star Wars adventures, the Game Master needs to ensure there are plenty of memorable and exciting Non-Player Characters. After all, while the worlds and locations of Star Wars are iconic, it’s the individuals that make this universe so unique. Allies and Adversaries is the perfect resource for bringing these characters to life in Star Wars Roleplaying!

Time Stories: Madame Expansion








N.T. 1673: Ah ! Versailles. Its court. Its eIteTqtue. 
iTs p1SG3Tre. DO. Hdesba rgasezfl. 
FATAL 3RR0R : 3ND OF TR4NSMISSION. 1011100101.___
After this adventure, nothing will ever be the same again…

Madame is the tenth scenario for T.I.M.E Stories and promises to shake things up.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Order of the Spellcasters Structure Deck











The magical masters of Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters have transcended the need for physical forms and gained the ability to become Spells themselves! As Pendulum Monsters, they can be played as either monsters or Spell Cards, and have different abilities depending on which you choose.

With most Pendulum Monsters you have to choose between playing it as a monster or a Pendulum Spell, and once you decide, you can’t change your mind. With the new Pendulum Monsters from Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters, you don’t have to worry about playing your monsters as Spells because they all have effects that Summon themselves from your Pendulum Zones! After all, what good is being able to convert yourself into pure magical energy if you can’t regain your body later?

This Structure Deck uses the same “Spell Counter” system as the Spellcaster’s Command Structure Deck and the “Mythical Beast” monsters from Extreme Force, so cards from all three can be combined together to create an even more powerful Deck!

New Games: Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Adventures in Middle-Earth RPG: Breeland Region Guide








Welcome to Bree and The Inn of the Prancing Pony!

Nestled at the foot of the ancient landmark of the Bree-hill, Bree and The Prancing Pony provide a welcome respite from the trials of the road. With a wisdom all its own, Bree has endured for centuries, minding its own business and serving passing travellers with good food and better beer.

Surrounded by deserted and dangerous lands, and watched over by the mysterious Rangers of the North, Bree is the ideal place to begin a new journey or take a rest from a wearying one!

Bree-land Region Guide includes:

  • Details of the Bree-land, including Bree itself, Archet, Combe and Staddle
  • Things to do in Bree: new undertakings and suggested adventure seeds
  • Maps of the Bree-land, Bree and The Prancing Pony
    A complete set of customised journey tables for the Bree-land
  • A new playable culture, The Dwarves of the Blue Mountains
  • Three exciting adventures that begin at level 1 and carry the heroes to 4th level or beyond: Old Bones and Skin, Strange Men, Strange Roads and Holed Up in Staddle.

Bree-land Region Guide contains the information and adventures previously released as Bree for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, fully converted to be compatible with Adventures in Middle-earth and the 5 OGL rules.

Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game






The Superfriends have gathered at the Hall of Justice to take on the challenge of thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time. Play your cards right and you’ll defeat the Legion of Doom! Based on the classic animated TV show, Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game utilizes Cryptozoic’s new GRYPHON card game engine to deliver a fast-paced, easy-to-learn tabletop experience.

  • Simultaneous play: 2 to 4 players play their cards at the same time to capture Super-Villains!
  • Simple, addictive gameplay that rewards both luck and strategy
  • Cards call forth allies or Super Powers that can change the outcome!
  • Play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman, with new art based on the classic TV series

Rick and Morty: Look Who’s Purging Now Card Game






Get ready to unleash your purging instincts with Rick and Morty as you fight to survive the annual purge festival on an alien planet. Play your cards right and you’ll make it out alive! Based on the popular episode of the TV show, Rick and Morty: Look Who’s Purging Now Card Game utilizes Cryptozoic’s new GRYPHON card game engine to deliver gameplay that unfolds at lightning speed and is easy to learn.

  • ​Simultaneous play: 2 to 4 players play their cards at the same time to rack up kills during the annual “Festival”!
  • Simple, addictive gameplay that rewards both luck and strategy
  • Weapon Cards are found items or Rick’s inventions, leading to effects that can change the outcome!
  • Play as Rick, Morty, and others with art from the unforgettable episode of the show

Hour of Devastation Complete Event Listing!


Hour of Devastation is almost here and we have a ton of opportunities for you to join in the fun!

Here is the list of all of the Hour of Devastation events we have planned. You can click on any of the links for more information and to reserve seats for events when applicable:

If you want to know more about these events, but don’t feel like clicking on all of the links, no worries! Scroll down and you will find a description of each event type below:

Hour of Devastation Open House
[Saturday, July 1st from 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm]

This is a free event where new players are encouraged to attend free teaching sessions from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Our resident Magic experts will provide new players with decks and teach them the game. Veteran players are encouraged to come out to enjoy casual league style play throughout the day. All participants, new and veteran, will receive special promotional cards.

After the teaching sessions are done, all players are invited to stick around and enjoy some casual league-style play from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm!

Hour of Devastation Pre-Release Weekend Events [July 8th-9th]

Once you’ve brushed up on your skills during the Open House, it is time to get ready for our Hour of Devastation Pre-Release events!

Pre-release events are sealed format events.

For your entry fee of $30.00 you receive:

  • 4 booster packs of Hour of Devastation, 2 booster packs of Amonkhet
  • Randomized date-stamped premium promo card
  • Spindown life counter
  • A “Five Hours” activity card.
  • Insert with deck-building advice

We have two prizing formats for our pre-release events:

  • Packs for All Prizing: These tournaments last for four rounds of Swiss Play. Participants in this format win one Hour of Devastation pack for each round they score a match win. Even if a player wins no matches, they will still receive one extra pack. [Players with undefeated records will walk away with a total of 4 extra packs.]
  • Sealed Box Prizing: The number of rounds for this tournament is determined by the number of participants. 1st place receives a sealed booster box of Hour of Devastation! Extra packs are awarded to other players based on the final standings. The more players that participate, the further down the standings we are able to prize.

In addition to the extra packs of Hour of Devastation you can win at each event, we will also be awarding cool door prizes to randomly selected participants. Door prizes include, but are not limited to, promotional posters and standees from previous Magic: The Gathering sets!

Follow any of the three links below to reserve your spot in your preferred pre-release events:

Hour of Devastation Draft Weekend [July 15-16th]

Amonkhet Draft Weekend is your chance to build up your Amonkhet collection while enjoying draft format play with the local Magic community! Not only that, for each draft weekend event you participate in you will receive a special dated foil promo card!

The Draft Weekend events are:

Magic League: Hour of Devastation Season
[Tuesdays July 18th-August 8th]

Join the Fanfare Hour of Devastation League to play with other members of the Magic community and have some fun!

League play is a fun way to build up a collection of the new set and enjoy casual play.

The league will run on Tuesdays from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm starting on July 18th through August 8th.

The Hour of Devastation League works as follows:

  • Players may join the league at any time. The league will run for a 4 week period.
  • To join the league, inform a Fanfare employee. You will then purchase 2 Hour of Devastation booster packs and 1 Amonkhet pack from which you can build a 30 card minimum deck (we provide land). In addition to the packs, you will also receive a special league card storage box, league card to track your matches, and a special promotional 4-sided die.
  • Every week, players will add a booster pack (either Amonkhet or HOD) to their pool, rebuilding as often as players would like. Players can also add a booster after three losses.
  • Matches consist of a single game. Each player gets one free mulligan at the start of the game.
  • Players will play against each other, earning Planeswalker Points and, of course, bragging rights.
  • Additional prizes will be awarded for various achievements over the course of the league.

Standard Showdown Sundays [Free Events!]

Standard Showdowns are free Standard Format tournaments where you can win special promotional Standard Showdown booster packs!

These events will be held on Sundays at 12:00 pm between July 23rd and September 10th.

[Please note: There is no Standard Showdown event on the Sunday of August 6th]

Prizing for this event comes in the form of special Standard Showdown Promotional Booster Packs! These packs include chances at mythics, full art lands, and premium cards from Standard Legal sets!

Everyone who plays receives 1 free Standard Shodown Promo Pack! You can also earn additional packs for the following:

  • Being a player who is new to Magic (playing at a Showdown as your first official event)
  • Bringing along a player who is new to Magic (bringing someone who has not played at an official event)
  • Going undefeated in the day’s tournament

This is a FREE event! Grab your deck, come out and have some fun!

Hour of Devastation Game Day [Saturday, August 5th at 10:00 am]

Bring your best Standard deck and compete to become the Game Day Champion of Fanfare. Top finishers earn special prizes, including full-art promo cards and a playmat for the winner. All participants receive a special promo card!

Game Day is a Sanctioned Standard Constructed Tournament.

The event will run Swiss rounds with a cut to the top 8 players.

The number of Swiss rounds will be based upon the number of participants.

The top 8 players will receive an extra special promo foil full art card in addition to the aforementioned participation card. 

Store credit will also be awarded based on participation.

How to Register for Events

Our new calendar handles registration by “selling” tickets to our events.  We have set up all of our events to have the means of payment as “pay at the door”.  In other words, you don’t have to put in credit card or Paypal information.  Merely enter a little contact information and put the selected ticket in your cart.  When you check out you will only have the option to pay at the door and will receive an email confirmation of your registration (as will we).  If you are going to be signing up for many of our events in the future, you might consider creating a login account for yourself to save the bother of filling in all of that information each time (this is done during the process of registering for your first event).  If you register and need to cancel, just give us a quick call or email and we’ll put your ticket back into circulation, no worries.  If you have any questions about this process, feel free to call us at 269-349-8866.

Head to our Event Calendar.

Age of Ultron

Based on the 2013 Marvel Crossover Storyline, The Age of Ultron Organized Play event puts you into the events of this epic story.  Rid the world of Avengers and wipe out humanity.  Help the Avengers travel into the past and stop Hank Pym from creating Ultron.  Travel to the future to stop Ultron from concurring the world.

The Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron is a four-month storyline Organized Play event that introduces a new resource (The Avengers Round Table) to help players new and old alike fight against (or for) Ultron and his army of robots.

Register to play on our event calendar now to reserve your spot!

The Age of Ultron Begins on June 27th & June 29th, 2015!