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Date: Friday, July 26th
Time: 6:30 pm (Payment & In-Person Registration Begins)
Entry: $45.00
Event Code for Magic Companion App:XG5875P

Ticket Reservations:

If you are registering for this event via the app on July 24th or later, please call us at 269-349-8866 to verify seating availability as currently the Magic Companion App is unable to place an upper limit on preregistrations.

Spots are limited for this event. As such, we suggest registering in advance to save your spot using the Magic Companion App 

Once you have the app downloaded, this event’s registration code is: XG5875P

If you are unable to sign up using the Companion App, feel free to speak with a Fanfare team member at the store or call us at 269-349-8866.

Tournament Format:

3 Rounds of Swiss Paired play

Prizing Format: 

Prizing for this tournament is as follows:
– 1 Participation Play Booster
– 2 Additional Play Boosters per match win

All prizes will be rewarded at the conclusion of the third round or at the time a player drops (if they choose to leave early).

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