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Modern Format
Time: 5:30 pm
Entry: $5.00
Event Code (for the Companion App): 7EEPD3J

Play Format:

Friday Night Magic: Standard Format is a sanctioned tournament for players of all ages.

This tournament will feature Swiss pairings and will be comprised of 50-minute rounds. There will be 3-4 rounds pending on the number of players.

Prizing Format

• Players earn $4.00 in store tournament credit per match win.
• All participants will receive a promo pack from our currently available assortment of packs!
• First place will receive an upgrade to a Premium Promo Pack
• An additional randomly selected player will also receive a Premium Promo Pack upgrade

Store tournament credit can be used towards any item in the store (not just Magic related items). Players can save up their credit from multiple events and put the value towards larger ticket items. The only thing tournament credit cannot be used for is entry in events such as FNM, Prereleases, other gaming tournaments, etc…

Registration Directions

You can save your spot for the event by registering via the Magic: The Gathering Companion app which is available on Android or Apple IOS here.

The code for this event is: 8ME2GQW

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