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Booster Draft
Time: 5:30 pm
Entry: $5.00 + The Purchas of 4 Draft Boosters (15-card)
Set: Lost Caverns of Ixalan
Event Code (for Companion App): VRP8W2N

Play Format

Friday Night Magic: Booster Draft is a sanctioned tournament for players of all ages.

For this Dino-Sized Chaos Draft you will choose four Draft Boosters from a selection of 15-card Draft Boosters. You will then draft these boosters in pods to construct your deck and compete!

Prizing Format

• Players earn $2.50 in store credit for each match win

• All participants will receive a promo pack from our currently available
assortment of packs

• 1st place in the pod gets an upgrade to a Premium Promo Pack

• An additional randomly selected player will also receive a Premium Promo Pack upgrade

Registration Directions:

You can save your spot for the event by registering via the Magic: The Gathering Companion app which is available on Android or Apple IOS here.

The code for this event is: VRP8W2N

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