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Date: Saturday, July 13th
Round 1 Starts: 10:30am

Entry: $20.00
Online Registration: Click Here to Register
Format: Core Constructed/Swiss Rounds With Cut 

Join us for our Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return Store Championship!

Core Construction Rules

The format for this event is Core Constructed. This means:

• Decks must contain at least 60 cards. No maximum deck size, but a player must be able to shuffle their deck without assistance.

• Deck must not contain cards from more than two ink colors.
[Example: if a deck contains Amber and Amethyst cards, it cannot contain any Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, or Steel cards]

• Must not contain more than four of a single card as identified by its full English card name. Character cards with different subtitles are considered different cards for purposes of this rule. [Example: You can have up to four copies of Ariel-On Human legs as well as up to four copies of Ariel-Spectacular Singer]

Tournament Phases

This tournament features 2 phases of play:
Swiss Paired Rounds using the Two Game format (# of rounds based on attendance)
Cut to Top players using the Best of Three format (Cut to Top 8 or 4 based on attendance)

2-Game Format Rules (Swiss Rounds)

• Players will play two games, with each player having the opportunity to go first.

• Each game is worth 3 match points. If a player wins both games, they’re awarded a bonus match point.

• If a match is completed before both games are completed, the player who won the first game receives 3 match
points but isn’t awarded the bonus point.

• If each player wins a game in the match, both players receive 3 match points but no bonus point is awarded.

Best-of-Three Rules (Post-Cut Playoff Rounds)

• Playoff rounds will be single-elimination with a best-of-three format.

• In practice, this means that the players will play games until one player has won two games. Playoff rounds are not timed.

For full details on any of these rules visit the following link: Official Rules PDF


All participants will receive 2 Lorcana Booster packs as a participation prize.

Top 4 Prizing:

First Place: Champion Ursula-Sea Witch Queen Play Mat & Alternate Art Promo
Second Place: Runner Up Ursula-Sea Witch Queen Play Mat & Alternate Art Promo
3rd & 4th Place: Alternate Art Ursula-Sea Witch Queen Promo Card

Registration Directions

Official Disney Lorcana tournaments utilize the Melee service for registration and results reporting. All players are encouraged to create a Melee account prior to the tournament for the smoothest experience possible.

Create Your Melee Account

If you do not yet have a Melee account, you can create one using this link:
Create Melee Account

Advance Ticket Purchase

Once you have a Melee account, you can follow this link to purchase tickets in advance and save your spot:
Fanfare: Ursulas Return Store Championship Registration

Day of Event Registration

If you prefer to not pay on the Melee site, any unreserved tickets remaining will be available on the day of the event for in-person purchase. “Day of” registration begins at 10:00am with Round 1 beginning at 10:30am.

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