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Time: 10:00 am
Entry: $40.00
Set: Baldur’s Gate [Casual Commander Draft]
Event Code (for Companion App): See Registration Note Below


This event has a hard cap of 12 players.

We ask that you speak with a store employee in person or call the store at 269-349-8866 prior to completing online registration via the Magic Companion App to make sure of your seat availability.

Magic: The Gathering Companion app which is available on Android or Apple IOS here.

The code for this event is: 8MX2XW8

Play Format

Players will receive 1 Battle for Baldur’s Gate Collector Booster and 3 Battle for Baldur’s Gate Draft Boosters for their entry.

For the event, players will open their Collector Booster and those contents will be part of their card pool for deck construction.

After the Collector Boosters are opened, players will then draft 3 Draft Boosters, choosing 2 cards at a time to build their 60 card decks.

Once drafting is complete, we will break into pods of 4 and enjoy some casual commander play!

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