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Time: 12:30pm
Entry: Free!
Format: Standard
Magic Companion Code: QG3G4W4

Join us for a free Standard Format Magic event!

Grab your best Standard Format deck and connect with with other players during these weekly tournaments! The winner of each week’s tournament will receive a special Foil, Full-Art Omen Path Basic Land promo card! If you bring a new player along with you to the event, both you and the new player will receive a special Bring-A-Friend promo!

If you are new to the format, be sure to follow this link to see what sets are legal in Standard and to brush up on the banned card list: Standard Format Info

Prizing for this event consists of:

  • First Place –  Foil, Full-Art Omenpath Basic Land
  • ‘Bring-A-Friend Promo’ for players who bring along new participants and their participating guests.
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