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Date: Sunday, October 29th
Time: 12:00 pm [Product hand-out at 12:15pm]
Entry: $60.00 per team ($30.00 per player)
Format: Sealed Two-Headed Giant
MTG Companion Code: NVD2Y38

Under the mysterious light of the full moon,  Humans, Vampires, and Werewolves battle against each other to find out who reigns supreme during this year’s Harvesttide Festival event!


Each team of two will receive four Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Boosters, four Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft Boosters, and two Collector Boosters (one Midnight Hunt, and one Crimson Vow).

Once players have their boosters, pairs will crack open the packs and build two 40-card decks to face off against other pairs in casual level Two-Headed Giant games.


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