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Date: Saturday, July 20th
Entry: $35.00 
Start Time: 10:30am (Building starts)
Registration: Registration via
TCG+ is required


In this sealed deck battle, players receive 6 booster packs and build their decks on the spot. As a souvenir for participating players will receive a 6-color leader card that can only be used at this event, so you have a leader to use in the battle no matter which color is in the packs you open.

Sample 6-color Luffy leader card featuring Luffy with a swirl of colors behind him. Boa Hancock sitting and looking towards the camera.

All participants will receive:
– (1) Six color leader card
– (1) Participation Boa Hancock card

First Place:
– (1) Foil Boa Hancock card (winner edition)

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