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Date: Saturday, June 22nd
Entry: $10.00
Registration Begins at 10:00am
1st Rounds Begins at 10:30am

Join us for our Star Wars Unlimited Store Showdown!

What is a Store Showdown?

Store Showdowns are casual tournaments that award prizes for both participation and placement. This is the most competitive that Casual Play gets, but the focus is still on having fun and learning the game, making this the perfect opportunity for someone to dip their toe into the tournament scene!

Event Format:

This will be a Premier Format (Constructed) event. The event will feature Swiss Paired rounds with a cut to Top 8 (the number of rounds is based on the number of participants).


This event has a 32 player cap. Registration will be first come/first served on the day of the event. Registration will begin at 10:00am and the first round will start at 10:30am.


All participants will receive 1 pack of Spark of Rebellion plus a “Takedown” participation card.

Players who make the Top 8 cut will be competing for “Mace Windu – Party Crasher” Placement Promo Cards.

These Placement Promos denote what tier of the competition players rise to, with 4 promo cards total: Champion, Finalist, Top 4, Top 8.

Top 8 players will earn one promo card for each tier they rise to, with the Champion walking away with all 4 variants!

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