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Logo for Yu-Gi-Oh! Photon Hypernova with promo cards.
12:00pm –  5:00pm
Registration: $22.50 (you receive 5 packs with registration fee)

Check out the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! set Photon Hypernova before its official release during this Premiere Promotion!

Your registration fee of $22.50 gets you 5 packs of Photon Hypernova, plus an entry in a drawing with a chance to win additional prizes such as a Game Mat or promo card. Registered duelists are also welcome to buy additional packs.

Participants can register once per day of the event, receiving 1 prize drawing entry per registration. The drawing for prizes will occur on October 17th and winners will be contacted via phone.

Note: Duelists are welcome to meet up to trade and play during this event weekend, but no official tournaments will be held. 

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