Celebrate the latest Magic: The Gathering expansion “March of the Machine” with 3 Prerelease Events here at Fanfare in Kalamazoo!

We will be hosting 3 prerelease tournaments with prizing coming in the form of March of the Machine Set Booster packs!

All events guarantee participants 1 Set Booster for participation, plus additional packs per match win.

The Supercharged Saturday event on the 15th features competitive prizing for players who make the cut to Top 8, with first place winning ONE Sealed Set Booster Box. Not only that, but if this tournament gets over 23 participants, we are adding even more to the prize pool for Top 8, and the winner could walk away with TWO Sealed Set Booster Boxes! You can read the full details for this and all our events using the calendar links below.

You can use the Magic: The Gathering Companion App along with the codes provided below to save your spot for any or all of these events. Final registration and payment will take place in-person on the day of the event.

Friday Night Prerelease Event
Date: April 14th
Time: 6:30 PM
Entry: $35.00
MTG Companion Code: Z68MX7Y
Calendar Link With Details

Saturday Supercharged Prizing Event
Date: April 15th
Time: 10:00 am
Entry: $35.00
MTG Companion Code: YQP7M5N
Calendar Link With Details

Sunday 2-Headed Giant
Date: April 16th
Time: 12:00 pm
Entry: $35.00 per player ($70.00 Per Team)
MTG Companion Code: WRG6536
Calendar Link With Details