Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest – 11 Days to Go

Matt is counting down to Halloween Comic Fest (October 28th) with comic and movie suggestions! Here are his recommendations for the day:

Hello everyone! today’s weather feels a bit chilly so why not talk about Colder?

Colder follows Declan Thomas, a man committed to an insane asylum who somehow has the ability to “cure” madness. As Declan uses his ability, his body temperature drops to the point where no one should be able to survive. Eventually Declan comes in contact with a  strange character by the name of Nimble Jack…and that is when the fun really starts to kick in. This book has some crazy imagery (including a cover to Volume 1 we decided was a little too extreme for the blog -Ed.) and an awesome story.

Today’s movie recommendation is Event Horizon.

This is a film about a spaceship called the Event Horizon which is set to travel through a black hole.
After the ship goes through ,all contact is lost. That is until one day it randomly shows back up with a distress beacon.
A crew boards the ship to investigate but finds out that the ship has traveled to somewhere far more sinister. 

Well that’s all for today I hope you Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

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