Welcome back to Matt’s Halloween Comic Fest Countdown!  From now until HCF (Saturday, October 28th), Matt will be sharing some of his favorite horror comics and horror movies with us all. Let’s see what he has in store for today:

Hello everyone! Today’s book selection is another work from horror master Junji Ito entitled Fragments of Horror

This compilation of short stories has some of Ito’s best work. My two favorite entries in this collection are Dissection Girl and The Haunting at Wood Manor. Ito has a way of playing with your nerves and making you feel completely unsettled when taking in his pages that is unrivaled among his peers. This is an absolute must have for your collection.

Now, it is time to head off to the movies with today’s film recommendation.

Today’s choice is the movie Shutter, not the terrible American remake, but the original 2004 film by Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom. 

This film follows a group of people who are haunted by a ghost that is only visible in the photographs
they take. Ever look at a photo and notice something you never did before? Well imagine ghostly images haunting your memories that you’ve captured and then intensifying until they invade your actual world.

This film has some of the creepiest scenes in film and a terrifying ending that you will never forget!

Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

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