New Games: Friday, August 9th, 2019

Patchwork Doodle







Patchwork Doodle is a roll-and-write version of Patchwork, with each player having their own 9×9 grid to fill in over the course of the game. Each player sets up by drawing a unique polyomino card from the starting deck, then drawing that on their sheet.

In each round, players lay out a number of polyomino cards in a circle, then place the rabbit between two cards. On a turn, someone rolls the die, moves the rabbit forward, then removes the card indicated by the rabbit. Each player must draw the polyomino indicated on this card in their grid. Once a certain number of cards have been played, the round ends, players score points, then you lay out more cards for the next round.

Each player has four special actions available to them during the game: You can choose to draw the card before or after the chosen card, you can cut a polyomino into two pieces before adding one piece to your grid, you can fill in a 1×1 space in your grid, and you can do one of the above actions a second time. When you take one of these actions, you mark it off as each can be used only once (except for the one you use a second time, if you know what I mean).

You lose a point for each space that you don’t cover, so try to pack everything in as tightly as possible!

Deckscape: Behind the Curtain







Involve your group of friends in a spectacular and adventurous plot, full of… magic!

An anonymous envelope in your mail box contains free tickets for the sold-out last magic show of the great magician Lance Oldman; the show will take place tonight in New York. You cannot wait to go: a fun and carefree evening awaits you… but when you’re dealing with magic, you have to be ready for anything! You take your seat in the audience and just when you start to figure out how some magic tricks are performed, an unexpected twist changes the course of the show! Will you be able to unveil the magician’s secrets and amaze the audience by performing something unbelievable yourself?

Space Base: Command Station Expansion







Following the events surrounding Shy Pluto, two new zones within known space have opened up. The Admiral has promoted two new Captains to the rank of Commodore to command these new Space Bases and work their sectors!

Command Station allows players to expand their games of Space Base to include two more players. Now six or seven Commodores can compete for the promotion to become the Admiral of the U.E.S. Fleet!

Designed to be large enough to hold Space Base Base, the Shy Pluto Expansion, and additional future expansions all in one convenient storage box!

Kanagawa: Yokai Expansion







Kanagawa: Yokai includes cards and scoring elements for three new elements — kites, parasols, and paper lanterns — and to use them, you replace any two elements in the Kanagawa base game with two new elements.

Some of the cards in this expansion include a yokaï symbol that is visible whether you place the card in your painting or in your studio. When you place such a card, you take a yokaï marker from the reserve or from another player, and if you collect all three such markers, you receive a reward. You hope that someone else will claim them later, though, because players with yokaï markers at the end of the game lose points.

Legend of the Five Rings LCG: World Championship Deck 2018







With the Crane’s emphasis on beauty and grace, it can be easily forgotten that mighty samurai well-versed in the trials of battle and the intrigues of court make up their ranks. This is a lesson that won’t be soon forgotten with their recent victory at the 2018 Winter Court World Championship. Now, this power can be yours!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Winter Court 2018 World Championship Deck for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

This pre-constructed Crane Clan deck is identical to the deck used by Shogun Erik Baalhuis during the 2018 Winter Court World Championships! Now the power of these 87 cards can be yours with each card boasting a new extended art layout, created through Fantasy Flight Games’s in-house manufacturing!

A Game of Thrones LCG: World Championship Deck 2018







“My father had no use for grief. Vengeance was more to his taste.”
   –Nymeria Sand, A Feast for Crows

Players gathered from across the globe to participate in the 2018 November World Championship for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. After a tense series of matchups, the title ultimately went to Lennart Paga of Germany, who led House Martell to victory with the help of House Stark using the Banner of the Wolf (Core Set, 203B) agenda. Now, the secrets of Paga’s cunning can be yours.

Pokemon TCG: Detective Pikachu On The Case Figure Collection

Detective Pikachu has a nose for clues, for a mystery, for things other detectives might miss! Get your own sculpted Detective Pikachu figure featuring the famous Pokemon in a classic sleuthing cap, standing atop an enormous magnifying glass! This collection also includes a roundup of promo cards featuring the famous detective and friends, in addition to a trio of special Detective Pikachu booster packs to crack open-see what other Pokemon you can find!
  • 4 foil promo cards featuring Detective Pikachu plus Psyduck, Bulbasaur, and Snubbull!
  • 1 beautifully sculpted Detective Pikachu figure, standing on a magnifying glass!
  • 3 Pokemon TCG: Detective Pikachu 4-card booster packs
  • 2 additional Pokemon TCG booster packs
  • A Pokemon TCG Online code card

Ultra Pro Playmats: Dective Pikachu & Pikachu 2019

















Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Faerun Map







GF9’s Official Dungeons & Dragons Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Faerûn Map has a high-quality vinyl surface, ideal for tracking the progress of your adventures during the campaign. Showing the complete Sword Coast, this map features such famed locations as Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, and Neverwinter. Your players will never be found wanting for adventure again!

Dungeons & Dragon RPG: Of Ships and the Sea DM Screen (for use with Ghosts of Saltmarsh)







The ocean is a vast and dangerous place, ripe with adventure both above and below the waves. This screen is the perfect accessory for running adventures on the high seas, such as those found in Ghosts of the Saltmarsh™. The evocative front displays a variety of scenarios your heroes may find themselves in, from a kraken attack to a meeting with a sahuagin baron. On the back you will find a variety of references to help you in the running of your sea escapades, such as random ships and seafaring hazards.

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