New Games: Friday, May 31st

Waters of Nereus

Explore the Waters of Nereus, a fabulous world with wonderful treasures in its vast seas. You lead a capable and talented crew on your exploration. The captain determines the best direction to sail, the pilot and first mate maneuver the ship through the ocean, the purser controls your funds, the scientist performs important research, the merchant buys your treasures and the boatswain controls the equipment. The player who can best manage their crew and keep them happy with found treasures will be victorious.

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Attack From the Deep

Introducing Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep booster set! Upgrade your Speed Duel Decks with 45 new-to-Speed Duel cards and 5 brand-new Skill Cards!

Midnight Legion: Portal of Life

Your world is gone. The world that has replaced it is alien and savage, but filled with wondrous new life. In the last remaining Midnight Legion base, a computer controls technology that can destroy this new world or help it thrive. What it can tell you depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice to regain the memories you have lost. The Midnight Legion is an interactive story where you decide what happens next. Solve puzzles, recover lost memories, and utilize combat, stealth, sixth sense, or diplomacy.

5th Edition Adventures – S1: Lure of Delusion

Upon the edge of the world, beneath the eaves of the Darkenfold forest, lie the Elkhorn Deeps. Here, where men eke out a living in the shadows of the forest, lies the small burg of Lead Hill. With stone walls and stout towers, Lead Hill is a sanctuary of sorts. But walls and towers do not keep all creatures out, nor children in. Thus begins the sad tale of two missing children, taken by the forest and carted off to what doom none will say. Enter the Elkhorn Deeps to rescue the missing children! But be wary for things are not always as they seem and where allies and enemies work in tandem, great dangers often dwell.

New Dragon Shield Sleeves

Not only do we have the new Summer Dragon art sleeves above in stock (in both Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! card sizes), but we also have a new Matte Blue style for Magic sized cards as well.

Transformers Deck Boxes


These awesome Transformers deck boxes are designed to hold 100 sleeved standard-sized cards.

Pokemon Portfolios

Pokemon fans will want to be sure to check out our new Sun & Moon portfolios. These portfolios come in both 9-pocket and 4-pocket formats and are perfect for storing your cards in style.

Frank Frazetta Death Dealer Play Mat and Sleeves

Celebrate the artwork of famed science fiction and fantasy artist Frank Frazetta with this Artist Series playmat featuring the iconic `Death Dealer`. We have both standard sized card sleeves and a stylish playmat.

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