New Games: Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Dragon Ball Super CCG: Special Anniversary Box







  • 96 cards total!!
  • ・Special Anniversary Set x1
    (35 new cards x2 = 70 cards included)
  • ・Special Anniversary Pack x2
    (5 cards x2 = 10 cards included) (Random new foil cards from 35 new cards + 1 new Leader = 36 types to collect)
  • ・Vault Power Up pack x4
    (4 alternate-art cards x4 = 16 cards included) (20 alternate-art reprints to collect. 1 foil card per pack!)
  • ・Pack of Sleeves (60 pcs) x1
    (4 designs to collect)
  • ・Storage Box x1
    (4 designs to collect)

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write







Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is a standalone game set in the universe of Imperial Settlers and Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North. The game is heavily focused on engine building! Constructing buildings grants you a special bonus, and with each passing turn the game offers you more choices as your empire gains momentum.

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write has two game modes. The standard mode is a 2-4 player competitive challenge in which you try to gain more points than your opponents. The adventure mode for a single player offers 48 unique game sheets. Each sheet presents unique challenges and gameplay as players have different buildings at the start. Tweak your engine and get as many points as you can! Grab your pencil, roll your dice, and create the most prosperous empire!

Descent Journeys in the Dark: Lost Legends Expansion







The heroes of Terrinoth take on many shapes and sizes. From stoic warriors leading the charge to powerful mages harnessing the power of rune shards to conjure powerful magics and defeat their foes. Your adventures in Descent: Journeys in the Dark have seen you embody a myriad of different classes, and now even more choices await!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Lost Legends, a new expansion pack for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, created through Fantasy Flight Games’s in-house manufacturing!

Lost Legends includes new class options for players venturing into the dark, including two new standard classes and eight new hybrid classes, opening up hundreds of new hero and class combinations for you to discover as you continue your adventures in Terrinoth!

For ages, these ancient techniques have remained lost to the heroes of Terrinoth. Now, this fountain of knowledge has been rediscovered. Will you use it to venture into the dark and become a hero in the realm of Terrinoth?

Legend of the Five Rings LCG: For the Empire Dynasty Pack











“The quality of a warrior’s skill can be measured in a single stroke.”
   –Book of Sun Tao 


Though the Great Clans clash on the battlefield and in the courts, they have one common cause. Each, in their own way, serves the Empire. The Crab may cut a smuggling deal to obtain more jade, but this stone is vital to the protection of the Kaiu Wall. Likewise, no matter how dishonorable the task, a Scorpion can always find solace in their duty to Rokugan. Even the Emperor’s actions are guided by what will be best for the Empire. 

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce For the Empire, the first Dynasty Pack in the Inheritance cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

The Inheritance cycle marks a drastic change in the status quo of Rokugan as the Great Clans continue to battle amongst themselves. With the Emerald Empire becoming more dangerous than ever, iconic samurai must disguise themselves in their travels, only revealing their true identity when they are needed most. Furthermore, Bushi and Courtiers alike are now more valued than ever, fighting for their clans as Rokugan shifts around them.

With battles breaking out across Rokugan, Bushi are more important than ever. As battle lines between clans are drawn, it will be these samurai who help determine the fate of their clan. Will you stand alongside these warriors in the conflicts to come?

A Game of Thrones LCG: Pit of Snakes Chapter Pack











“We need a voice in council, an ear at court. Be careful, though. King’s Landing is a pit of snakes.”
   –Doran Martell, A Dance with Dragons

From the first page of A Game of Thrones to the last line of A Dance with Dragons, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game has followed the lives of those pursuing the Iron Throne. You have had the chance to lead your favorite characters into battle in the fields and courts of Westeros, and now, in the King’s Landing cycle, you leave the constraints of time behind to step into the world of A Song of Ice and Fire and explore the capital of the Seven Kingdoms like never before.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Pit of Snakes, the third Chapter Pack in the King’s Landing cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

As with other Chapter Packs in this cycle, you will find that Pit of Snakes offers you three copies each of twenty distinct cards, providing each faction with new cards for their House as well as new neutral cards that any player can turn to their advantage. With new versions of favorite characters, as well as a new City plot and the continued development of the shadow keyword that was first introduced in the fifth cycle of A Game of Thrones LCG, Pit of Snakes will ensure that you are ready to face the deadliest opponents, no matter which House you pledge your sword to!

King’s Landing is filled with those who would do anything to gain the power they desire, whether it be in the church, the court, or the field of battle. Now that you are among them, you must either achieve your victory or die in your pursuit. Do you have the cunning to survive the Pit of Snakes? 

Inis: Seasons of Inis Expansion







Inis welcomes a 5th player!

Discover the new gameplay with the seasons wheel, bringing new modalities of victory!

Explore the 6 new territories and lead your troops from the harbors to the island!

Go back to the adventure, warrior, and may the gods be on your side


• 1 Season board

• 1 Season marker

• 5 Season reference cards

• 2 updated Action cards (replacing those from the base game)

• 4 new Action cards (5th player)

• 1 Pretender token (5th player)

• 12 clan figures (5th player)

• 15 new Epic Tale cards

• 6 new territories & 1 updated territory tile

• 6 new corresponding Advantage cards

• 9 Harbor tiles

• 1 Deed tokens

• 1 Macha’s Curse token

• 1 Fili token

• 5 Banshee tokens

• 1 King tile

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