New Games: Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

No Escape: Core Set & Salvation Expansion







Can you escape Titan station? No Escape is a fast-paced, strategic maze-building tile game for 2-8 players. Use actions against each other, Play Maze tiles to increase the maze for your opponents, and move using a creative dice system. A game takes approximately 30 minutes, and easy setup and take-down time makes it an ideal game for travel or family events. Be the first to find the escape pod. For everyone else, there is No Escape.

Each turn players may play one action tile from their hand. They then must play one maze tile and attempt to extend a path another player is taking. Finally players roll the custom dice an move along their own path. The first player to make it out of the maze wins.

Be strategic when placing dead ends to block your opponents, as every dead end will also give players advantages. Play your Action tiles when they’ll provide you the greatest advantage, but hold onto them too long and you may be forced to discard them all.

Every disadvantage can lead to a new advantage. Every bonus has it’s counter. This is No Escape!

Are you ready to take No Escape to the next level? The get ready for Salvation!
Avoid ALIENS attempting to capture, and most likely probe you.
Save other SURVIVORS, or just steal their stuff.
You can even play CO-OP to try to save the station together….or not.

It’s YOUR game, customize it the way you want with the new Salvation expansion.

This expansion adds Alien rules with 8 alien meeples, 6 action tiles and 6 maze tiles. Survivor Rules with 20 survivor tokens, 8 maze tiles and 6 action tiles. And Coop Rules with 8 Mission tokens, 2 maze tiles and 6 action tiles.

Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Courts of Stone Sourcebook & Winter’s Embrace Adventure






“My attention was quickly riveted by a large red star close to the distant horizon. As I gazed upon it I felt a spell of overpowering fascination—it was Mars, the god of war, and for me, the fighting man, it had always held the power of irresistible enchantment. As I gazed at it on that far-gone night it seemed to call across the unthinkable void, to lure me to it…”

Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars: Adventures on the Dying World of Barsoom transports you to the Red Planet of Barsoom, an arid, dying land of ancient civilizations and fearsome creatures. Begin your adventures of romance and heroism using a pulp-action inspired variant of the 2d20 System. 

Take on the role of heroes as you travel, battle, and romance your way across the wondrous and dangerous world of Barsoom. Play as John Carter, Princess Dejah Thoris, the fearsome Thark warrior Tars Tarkas – or create your own heroes from an exciting variety of options. 

  • Create a wide variety of characters such as a Dashing Red Martian Duelist, a Brilliant First Born Scientist, a Savage Beastmaster, a Courageous Airship Officer, even Earthborn characters, so players can follow in the bounding footsteps of John Carter himself! 
  • Includes all the core rules you need to play, including Momentum, Luck and test resolution. 
  • Includes a chapter containing all of the combat and action rules you need for daring, heroic fights on the world of Barsoom!

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