New Games: Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Marvel HeroClix Unpainted Miniatures







Wave 1 includes: Wolverine (pictured above), Cyclops, Storm, Emma Frost, Magneto, Cannonball, Magik, Warbird, and Psylocke.

WizKids Unpainted Miniatures: D&D Nolzur’s Wave 10, Pathfinder Deep Cuts Wave 10, WizKids Deep Cuts Wave 10 







Nolzur’s Wave 10 includes: Human Female Paladin, Human Female Rogue, Human Female Sorcerer, Goliath Male Barbarian, Goliath Female Barbarian, Elf Female Cleric, Human Male Warlock, Human Female Warlock, Half-Elf Male Monk, Half-Elf Female Monk, Kneku Adventurers, Succubus & Incubus, Iron Golem, Clay Golem, Drider, Grung (pictured above), Air Elemental, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Water Elemental, Black Dragon Wyrmling, Red Dragon Wyrmling, and Blue Dragon Wyrmling.

Pathfinder Wave 10 includes: Half-Orc Male Druid, Elf Male Rogue, Necromancers (pictured above), Bone Golem, and Pit Devil.

WizKids Wave 10 includes: Tend & Lean-To, Bedrolls, Camp Fire & Sitting Log, Archery Range, Horse & Hitch, Well, Heroic Statue, Fountain, Bounty Board, Piles of Wood, Signs & Lights, Guards, Mayor & Town Crier (pictured above), Guillotine, and Hanging Cage.