Close up of an Aidan Hutchinson signed and #'d card. Background is blue foil, autograph appears below Hutchinson running toward camera.

Panini’s Player of the Day Promotion is your chance to win exclusive promo packs or possibly even our store grand prize: an autographed Detroit Lions card of Aidan Hutchinson #’d 17/25 (pictured above)! This promotion runs from Monday, January 8th through February 8th!


Step 1: Purchase a pack of eligible Panini NFL Cards.


Step 2: Open your pack in front of a store employee. If you pull the highlighted player of the day or featured wild card you earn a daily win. You can also earn a daily win by purchasing a sealed box of eligible Panini NFL cards.

For each daily win you will receive 2 POD promotional packs plus an entry in that week’s drawing. You can earn up to 2 daily wins per day of the promotion.


Step 3: Four times during the promotion we will have a random drawing. That drawing will come from the pool of that week’s daily winners.

The winner of the weekly drawing will receive more prizes plus they will earn 1 entry in the store’s grand prize drawing that occurs at the end of the promotion.


Step 4: At the conclusion of the 32-day promotion, we will randomly select one of our four weekly winners as the Panini NFL Player of the Month winner. ¬†This lucky winner will receive the autographed Detroit Lions Aidan Hutchinson card #‘d 17/25.


Not only that, but our store’s Player of the Month winner will also be entered into Panini’s National Sweepstakes where they have a chance to win even more prizes!