September & October 2016 Previews: Carman’s Picks


Locke & Key: Small World

Publisher: IDW Publishing

(W) Joe Hill (A) Jay Fotos (A/CA) Gabriel Rodriguez

Three years after wrapping up their award-winning, best-selling Locke & Key saga, the team that built Keyhouse returns to Lovecraft, Massachusetts with a new tale of terror and suspense! An impossible birthday gift for two little girls unexpectedly throws open a door to a monster on eight legs!
•   You never thought it’d happen but… the Eisner-winning series returns to unlock a special tale from Keyhouse’s sordid past!
•   All-new 24-page story by series creators Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Jay Fotos!
•   Variant cover by “Behind You” creator Brian Coldrick, Mouse Guard’s David Petersen, Wraith’s Charles Paul Wilson III, and an incentive Small World Key photo cover from Skelton Crew Studios, too!

Locke & Key is one of my all time favorite series, and I can’t wait to revisit the world that Hill and Rodriguez created together. If you’ve got any interest in a horror/fantasy-tinged tale of loss and coming of age (and written by Stephen King’s son, to boot), definitely check out Locke & Key



A.D. After Death: Book One

Publisher: Image Comics

(W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Jeff Lemire

What if we found a cure for death?
Two of comics’ most acclaimed creators, SCOTT SNYDER (WYTCHES, Batman, American Vampire) and JEFF LEMIRE (DESCENDER, Moon Knight, Sweet Tooth) unite to create a three-part epic like no other, set in a future where a genetic cure for death has been found. Years after the discovery, one man starts to question everything, leading him on a mind-bending journey that will bring him face-to-face with his past and his own mortality. A unique combination of comics, prose, and illustration, A.D.: AFTER DEATH will be serialized monthly as three oversized prestige format books written by SNYDER and fully painted by LEMIRE.

What an exciting team up! Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a time Jeff Lemire did the art for a story that he didn’t write himself, aside from covers and panels here and there. The mix of mediums for this sounds like it could do some really cools things, as well. I’m a fan of both of these creators and I can’t wait to see what they can do together.



Ether #1

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

(W) Matt Kindt (A/CA) David Rubin

A science-minded adventurer gets mixed up in the mysteries of a fantasy world in this charming new adventure from an award-winning creative team. Boone Dias is an interdimensional explorer, a scientist from Earth who has stumbled into great responsibility. He’s got an explanation for everything, so of course the Ether’s magical residents turn to him to solve their toughest crimes. But maybe keeping the real and the abstract separate is too big a job for just one man.

This is a book by Matt Kindt that has the adjective “interdimensional” in the description. Of course that’s going to get me to buy it. If you’ve not read Kindt before, pick up his current ongoing deep sea murder mystery Dept. H or a volume of the cerebral MIND MGMT.



Frontier #1

Publisher: Image Comics

(W/A/CA) Jonathon Hickman


Double-sized first issue!
The planets have aligned, and the prodigal son has returned! For the first time in eight years, JONATHAN HICKMAN (EAST OF WEST, BLACK MONDAY MURDERS, Secret Wars, Avengers) is both writing and drawing a new comic series: FRONTIER.

It’s like Star Trek, but super depressing.

Seriously. Not a joke. The final frontier…is a total bummer.

Each issue contains galaxy-expanding bonus content like star maps, breakdowns of alien races, interstellar factions, and detailed spaceship schematics. FRONTIER is a brand new science fiction story about utopia lost, and how we might just gain it back.

This edition of Previews has been heavy on creators that are an automatic buy for me, and Jonathon Hickman is certainly one of them. I’ve been a fan of his writing for quite some time and now I’m excited to see some of his art, as well. Nightly News is an earlier work of his that was both written and drawn by him, and I think it’s time I check that one off of the backlog. Also, I’m not sure how many of us there are out there, but you can count me among the group of people who would get excited for a book described as “like Star Trek, but super depressing.”

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