My love for comics began when I was young. I would sneak into my older brother’s room and sift through his stack of comic books. I knew nothing about them, so I would select what to read mostly based on how interesting the cover appeared. Therefore, my introduction into comics wasn’t just mainstream titles. Instead, I began with books like Doctor Strange, Deathlock, Flaming Carrot and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

One day everything changed. While watching TV I stumbled into, arguably, the best cartoon ever made, Batman: The Animated Series. My full fledged obsession with Batman had begun.

As I grew older I was involved in school and sports which left me little time for reading comics. In 2008, I heard that Grant Morrison planned to kill off Batman. I could not believe what I was hearing, so I drove directly to Fanfare to purchase Batman: RIP. That did it. I was sucked back into the love of comics.

I would have to say that Grant Morrison’s Batman run is the reason I am still reading comics to this date, and I’m glad that I am. There has never been a better or more exciting time to be a comic reader!