As a child I was lucky to grow up playing sports with my brothers and the neighbor kids, and to live within walking distance of a library.  I love to read sci-fi and fantasy books, my favorites being John Carter of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Elric of Melniboné & Eternal Champion series by Michael Moorcock.  The first time I ever read a comic book was when I was on a rainy camping trip with my family.  My parents took us to a store and I bought Invaders #3 (I still love the cover), Weird War #77, and a Sad Sack comic.  I bought comics once in a while after that until  I purchased New Teen Titans #1, All-Star Squadron #1, and Moon Knight #1.  Then I was hooked.

I was hired by Fanfare in February of 1990 and started managing the store in Battle Creek in April of 1990.  In 2001 the two Fanfare stores were merged and I have been in Kalamazoo ever since.  I can be found at the store talking about my favorite superhero character, Superman, other comics (especially those by DC), the music of AC/DC, and my beloved Atlanta Sports teams.