Brian Carey

I first visited Fanfare as a thirteen year old in 1987 in search of Doctor Who comics.  After being shown a few of the later issues of the 1980’s Marvel run by a staff member I decided to take a look through the back issues, and, after stumbling on the New Mutants Special penciled by Arthur Adams, a comic fan was born.

My interest in comics is focused primarily on the artwork (Arthur Adams is still my favorite), however, due to the influence (and ribbing) of my fellow employees, I am developing a greater appreciation for the writing as well.  Some of my other interests include classic arcade games, horror and science fiction movies (particularly late 1970’s and early 1980’s Italian knock-offs), and the aforementioned Doctor Who.  When you visit us, please feel free to ask me for any recommendations and I will be sure to use my (admittedly somewhat esoteric) knowledge base to best assist you.