I have been part of the Fanfare team since April 20th, 2011.  I grew up with a Nintendo controller permanently affixed to my hands and have been a comics reader for nearly the entirety of my literate life (it was hard to flip through the pages with the controller in hand, but I managed).  I currently handle the majority of our video game section and I’m eager to help people discover a comic or graphic novel they will enjoy.

I love the medium of comics and marvel (no pun intended) at its ability to explore complex ideas through the combination of writing and art.  I have studied philosophy for a majority of my adult life and credit much of my interest in the subject to comic creators like Grant Morrison and Alan Moore.

The thing I love most about our store is that every aspect of the store has something that can spark the imagination or is thought provoking.  The things our customers are passionate about are things that engage their thoughts and creativity.  Being a part of an environment and community that fosters this creative portion of people’s lives is something I value and I am proud to be a part of.