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Welcome back to Matt’s Halloween Comic Fest Countdown!  From now until HCF (Saturday, October 28th), Matt will be sharing some of his favorite horror comics and horror movies with us all. Let’s see what he has in store for today:

Hello everyone! Today’s book recommendation is Wormwood: The Gentleman Corpse by one of my all-time favorite artists/creators Ben Templesmith!

Wormwood follows the story of a Trans-dimensional God who can control a dead body by burrowing into the host’s head. He’s a snazzy dressing, earth saving old god we can all love.   Templesmith’s art isn’t something you want to miss. He is as unique as they come.

If this sounds like a book for you, we currently have both Wormwood: Gentlemen Corpse Omnibus and the new one-shot Wormwood Goes to Washington in stock now!

Now that we have you all set with a good book, how about we turn to the world of film?

You may have noticed that that the movies I’ve been recommending aren’t the big mainstream movies that everyone knows. That said, no Halloween list is complete without at least one Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

My personal favorite from the franchise is Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors  I feel the series really knew what it wanted to be during the development of this film and leaned into it.

The movie follows a group of kids who cant sleep who are living in a psychiatric hospital, insert Freddy Krueger here and you have the makings for a awesome movie! Nancy Callahan returns from the first film as the star once again and Freddy’s antics, one liners and kills are the best the series has to offer.

Welcome to the Prime Time!!!

Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest – 9 Days to Go!

Welcome back to Matt’s Halloween Comic Fest Countdown!  From now until HCF (Saturday, October 28th), Matt will be sharing some of his favorite horror comics and horror movies with us all. Let’s see what he has in store for today, take it away Matt:

Today’s selection is a story by one of my favorite creative teams, Brian Azarello and Eduardo Risso, entitled Moonshine!

Moonshine takes place during the Prohibition era and follows a crime family’s top gun in the midst of smuggling back the best hooch NYC has ever seen. While acquiring the contraband from a clan of hillbillies the unexpected happens when werewolves show up to make
things interesting. If you like a good werewolf story or are a fan of this team’s work on 100 Bullets this is one you cant

With the book recommendation done, it is time to go to the movies with today’s film recommendation Beyond The Gates!

Did you grow up in the 80s? Do you remember VHS interactive board games? Then this may be a treat for you.

This story follows two brothers. Their father is missing and presumed dead and it is now up to them to get all of his affairs in order. One major task they face is boxing up their father’s Video Rental store where they stumble across an eerie VHS board game. The game quickly becomes all too real…but not in the fun Jumanji kind of way

Beyond the Gates came out last year and I decided to take a chance and check it out on Netflix. I was not disappointed. It is low budget, but nonetheless it delivers with an original concept and good atmosphere which seems harder and harder to come by these days within the genre.,.and wow, what a theme song.

Well I hope you enjoy these recommendations.  Thanks for checking this out and be sure to come back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest – 10 Days to Go!

Hello everyone! Today’s selection is a series of stories from Horror master Junji Ito entitled Tomie.

Tomie follows different characters and their interactions with a girl who seems normal at first but is definitely not someone you would want to meet. She has the ability to drive men to such extreme levels of desire that they will hurt others or even her. Not that it matters much to her since Tomie always has a very eerie way of putting herself back together for another story.

Probably one of Ito’s less flashy entries but not one to miss!

Today’s movie recommendation is The Monster Squad!

Ready for some fun? Ready to stop the universal monster crew from destroying everything? Well these kids definitely are!

Monster Squad follows a group of kids who love horror movies, hanging out in one of the coolest tree houses I’ve ever seen, and maybe fighting monsters on the side.

Dracula has returned and is resurrecting all the monsters to help him rule the world. But not if this squad has anything
to say about it! It’s good lighthearted fun but with a cool classic 80’s horror vibe. Frankenstein is particularly great in the film as well.

And of course, you can’t have a halloween mix without including the Monster Squad Rap Song. Definitely worth a watch. Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest – 11 Days to Go

Matt is counting down to Halloween Comic Fest (October 28th) with comic and movie suggestions! Here are his recommendations for the day:

Hello everyone! today’s weather feels a bit chilly so why not talk about Colder?

Colder follows Declan Thomas, a man committed to an insane asylum who somehow has the ability to “cure” madness. As Declan uses his ability, his body temperature drops to the point where no one should be able to survive. Eventually Declan comes in contact with a  strange character by the name of Nimble Jack…and that is when the fun really starts to kick in. This book has some crazy imagery (including a cover to Volume 1 we decided was a little too extreme for the blog -Ed.) and an awesome story.

Today’s movie recommendation is Event Horizon.

This is a film about a spaceship called the Event Horizon which is set to travel through a black hole.
After the ship goes through ,all contact is lost. That is until one day it randomly shows back up with a distress beacon.
A crew boards the ship to investigate but finds out that the ship has traveled to somewhere far more sinister. 

Well that’s all for today I hope you Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest 2017 – 12 Days to Go!

Hello everyone! Today’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest entry is none other than Scott Snyder and Jock’s hit series Wytches!

This book follows the story of a family torn apart after their daughter goes missing while exploring the woods a little too deeply. This is an amazing book by a fantastic team with plenty of good writing and art to get you deep into this season’s offerings! If you enjoy the book, you can find even more Wytches in the pages of the newest volume of  Image +

Today’s movie recommendation is Tucker and Dale Vs Evil! Follow the adventure of Tucker and Dale, two best buddies who purchased a fixer upper cabin in the woods and are going off to renovate it into a vacation home. At the same time, a group of college kids having a weekend of fun in the woods are absolutely sure these two loveable hillbillies are psychos who kidnapped their friend. I don’t want to go into too much detail and spoil such an amazing film. I’ve watched this one probably a dozen times since its release and still haven’t gotten bored with it. There is loads of slasher fun but at the same time it’s a very funny comedy film. Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!



Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest 2017 – 13 Days to Go!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today’s recommendation for a good horror book is Neonomicon by the brilliant writer Alan Moore. This book is heavily themed in the C’thulhu mythos. It follows an undercover detective who is chasing down the source of a new street drug, a drug that is more than meets the eye. There are dreamscapes, Deep ones and plenty of Eldritch knowledge to go around for everyone.

Today’s movie recommendation is  From Beyond by Stuart Gordon who brought you the cult classic Re-Animator. This movie is based on one of H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories about a scientist using a super-powered tuning fork to see dimensions beyond our own. There is lots of creepy imagery here and plenty of 80’s practical creature effects to satisfy anyone’s hunger. Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest 2017 – 14 Days to Go!

Hello again everyone! Today’s recommendation for all things tasty and horrific is the follow up book to yesterday’s post. This book is called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It tells the story of Sabrina on her 16th birthday, when she must decide whether to become a part of her family’s coven or become the bride of C’thulhu. This one is good fun. Enjoy!

My film recommendation is Late Phases. If you want a solid werewolf horror movie, but have already seen all of the classics we know and love, then this one is for you! Late Phases follows the story of a blind Vietnam veteran who moves into a retirement community where something strange is happening. Enjoy and check back tomorrow for more spooky goodness!

Matt’s Countdown to Halloween Comic Fest 2017! 15 Days to Go!

Hello everyone! Matt here, your friend at Fanfare and connoisseur of all things spooky!
Halloween time is one of my favorite times of the year and each day as we approach October 28th, aka Halloween Comic Fest, I will be sharing with you all a horror book recommendation that you can pick up right here at Fanfare along with a horror movie recommendation.
I’ve enjoyed horror since I was about 6 years old so I hope you have fun with my COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN COMIC FEST!
Today my book recommendation is Afterlife with Archie – A dark take on the Riverdale gang. Jughead’s dog is hit by a car and is rushed to Sabrina so she can bring his friend back but things go awry when she accidentally unleashes a zombie outbreak in the process!
Since today happens to be Friday the 13th and I am a big Jason fan, why don’t we start off the movie recommendations right?
If you want to get in the seasonal mood, the Friday the 13th franchise is a must-have on your list. My personal recommendation for the best in the series is Friday the 13th Part 4 – The Final Chapter
This is the last film before they changed Jason into a super-powered monster. The film is creepy, atmospheric and completely entertaining from start to finish. Plus you get to see a young Crispin Glover do an incredibly awkward 80s dance!

Well that’s all for today! I look forward to sharing more tomorrow as we count down to Halloween Comic Fest which takes place right here at Fanfare on October 28th.

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